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Senior Secondary School

The Senior Wing is the Centre of Excellence at Rishikul. The wing is aptly furnished with multifarious infrastructure and technological aids to assist the senior students to excel in their cherished pursuits. The whole set up is such as infuses into young learners a high magnitude of enthusiasm and curiosity to attain new dimensions in the field of Science and Technology besides keeping them in touch with substratal roots of India's diverse culture.

  • A Galaxy of Highly Experienced and Well Qualified Teachers

  • Persistent Motivation to Deal with Psychological and Behavioural Problems

  • Remedial Classes for Slow Learners

  • On Campus Career Orientation

  • Special Emphasis on Learning through Experimentation

  • Exclusively designed Problem Solving Sessions

  • Willing Participation in Sports and Games

  • Field Trips for Real Life Experiences

Streams Available at 10+2 Level


English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths / PHE / Entrepreneurship / Psychology


English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & IP / Computer Science / Economics / PHE / Entrepreneurship


English, Accountancy, BSt, Economics & Maths /  IP / Computer Science / PHE / Entrepreneurship


English, Geography / Psychology, History, Economics/Pol Sc & Maths / IP / PHE / Entrepreneurship