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Girls Boarding School

Boarding School for GIRLS

At its Delhi/NCR campus, school offer boarding for girls as they have special needs. Considering their demands and their well-being, the school provides a separate accommodation to the girls of all the classes together. Under the effective supervision of the Delhi/NCR hostel and security staff, the girls live a smooth and happy life doing all their daily chores within a fixed time span as decided by the school authorities. The hostel mess also prepares hygienic vegetarian food on the recommendation of renowned dieticians and is best know in Delhi/NCR for boarding mess facilities. The sincerest efforts unceasingly aim at supplementary physical well being with moral uprightness and sophistication in intellectual domains that assist in moving with the fast changing world. Periodical counselling sessions invariably help girls manage stress and make right decisions for overcoming the turmoils of adolescence. The annals of successful Rishikulians reveal that boarding students have been able to gain greater heights in their cherished pursuits.