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What are the security features implemented in the school?

Rishikul Vidyapeeth has implemented the EVOTAG System that facilitates the school and the parents to track the whereabouts of the children within the premises of the school and also in the school buses. CCTV cameras have been installed at various places to keep an eagle’s eye on the happenings on the campus. The footage is regularly checked by the school authorities. Trained guards are always alert on the main gate and have strict instructions regarding the admission and movement of visitors within the school premises

Does the school have buses for students?

The school has an excellent fleet of comfortable and well-maintained buses fitted with CCTV Cameras, manned & operated by the trained staff. The school transport is provided to students on a first- come- first-served basis, subject to the availability of seats. The main aim is to provide safe, comfortable & efficient service to our children from the city of Sonepat and some adjoining villages only.

What are timings of the school?

Summer School Timings: 8 am -2 pm

Winter School Timings: 8:30 am -2:30 pm

Do you accept student applicants from other educational systems?

Yes, we accept student applicants from other educational systems also. They must submit the original mark sheet/ report card and transfer certificate from the previous school before taking admission. The transfer certificate must be duly attested by the Educational Board /Authorities concerned.

What is the teacher student ratio in the school?

The teacher student ratio is 1:30 to facilitate individualised attention and ensure a productive use of class time

Can my child join school late as long I have paid the fees?

This is decided by the school authorities strictly on a case by case basis.

When do I have to pay the school tuition fees?

The tuition fees are paid quarterly. The due date is the 10th of every quarter i.e. 10 April, 10 July, 10 October & 10 January

In what sense is Rishikul Vidyapeeth an Indian School?

Our students strive to understand their own country, value its cultural diversity and rich variety of natural resources and work for their protection and preservation for future generations. The values imbibed are based to a great extent on the Indian ethos, the Indian festivals and events. Yoga is also practised with great vigour and enthusiasm. Rishikul Vidyapeeth encapsulates the true spirit of an Indian who accepts and promotes diverse cultures and traditions of other nations keeping in mind the quote ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’.

How does Rishikul Vidyapeeth prepare my child for life?

Today’s child truly lives in a global world, competing with peers beyond borders, in the regions and sectors, industries and area of expertise where India heads high. And yet, such a scenario would bring forth among these children, a greater need than ever before in life, for our values as an anchor. Values that have stood the test of time and have played their role in making us the nation we are and aspire to be.

How will I pay the registration / admission fees?

The fees are paid in cash/ Online through UPI/ by Debit or Credit Card/Demand Draft drawn in favour of the President Rishikul Vidyapeeth, Sonepat

What if my child is not a self-directed learner?

The multiple intelligences and project learning approach are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm, responsibility and self-discipline. It is a student-centred methodology with a high degree of teacher facilitation and direction. A very favourable teacher student ratio ensures that each & every child gets proper attention.

Do you have expat teachers working in the school?

Rishikul is a global school and has both local & expat teachers working in various roles. Teachers are all selected after a rigorous interview and demo lessons

What were the school’s last year’s Board Results?

Kindly visit the Result Page on school website

What medical facilities does the school provide?

The school has a full time doctor and a well-equipped infirmary to provide basic medical help to the needy. The serious cases are referred to a multi-speciality hospital situated almost 1 km away from the school.

What methodology would be used to teach my child at Rishikul Vidyapeeth?

Rishikul Vidyapeeth believes that learning is about curiosity and hence, focuses on the acronym ASK to define its methodologies. ASK- U is the objective of learning here and it also stresses on the ASK aspect of learning A –Application, S – Skill & K – Knowledge. Learning is complete when all three are integrated into teaching. To ensure that an amalgamation of all the intelligences is done to help in holistic development, the school focuses on the Multiple Intelligences. It reinforces that learning is trans-disciplinary to make gleaning of knowledge and skills spread across the subjects.

Does the school offer afterschool activities?

The school offers various afterschool activities. Afterschool games offered to the students include Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Taekwondo, Swimming, Yoga, Gymnastics, Horse Riding & Table Tennis. Recreational activities like Arts & Crafts and Music (Vocal & instrumental) classes are run regularly for the curious learners

What is the uniform policy of the school ?

The students have specified uniforms for both summer and winter. Please refer to the Parent- Student Handbook & Student Diary for more details. Any accessory such as hairband, hairclip, etc. must be black.

How are parents involved in the educational process?

Rishikul Vidyapeeth organises monthly Parent Teacher Meet and sends messages from time to time to make the parents aware of their wards’ progress.

Is it possible to sit in a classroom or meet a teacher, counsellor or Principal while visiting the school?

All prospective parents can meet the Principal or the counsellor to understand the ethos of the school.

Do I need an appointment to visit the school?

Rishikul Vidyapeeth welcomes all prospective parents to visit the school according to their convenience. To meet the Principal a prior appointment is always needed.

When should I submit an application for admission?

Applications are normally accepted in December & January. You can submit online applications also.

Can a child try boarding before he is admitted to the school?

Many boarding schools are happy to allow a prospective student to stay overnight but it would be an artificial stay among the strangers. So, it is better to take decision before getting your child admitted to a boarding school.

How does the school communicate with parents?

The school contacts the parents in case of any emergency only. Besides all sorts of information regarding the child’s academic progress, details of his participation in various school activities are regularly sent to the parents through the school ERP system. The parents also receive the invitations for PTM’s & function.

What types of activities do the boarders participate in when they are not in school?

Rishikul Vidyapeeth provides its boarders with highly structured & actively supervised environment. They are required to perform daily chores, complete school work & enjoy a range of activities like Table Tennis, Horse Riding, Swimming, Football, Basketball, Gyming , Lawn Tennis & Yoga, Arts & Crafts & play tunes on musical instruments. These activities instil positivity into their minds & made them learn to work as a team.

How far is your school from the airport? Do you provide transportation to & from the airport?

We are about an hour & half away from Indira Gandhi International Airport. No, we don’t provide any transportation to & from the airport.

What time does my child have to get up in the morning?

Students must rise by 5:30 am & be ready for breakfast at 7:30 am after drills & exercises.

How tough is the entrance test?

Please refer to ‘Admission’ for all details.

How much does boarding education cost?

Please refer to the ‘School Fee Structure’.

What sort of food is served to the boarders?

Vegetarian food is served to the boarders. The food is prepared in hygienic ways maintaining all nutritious values.

Can my child have a TV in his room?

TV sets are not permitted in the rooms but there is a common TV room where the children can enjoy watching programmes on Sundays only.

How can my child get involved in leadership?

The students develop leadership qualities through their participation in different school & hostel activities. The traits of team work, good moral character, service to the nation are developed when they are assigned different duties like monitorship & leadership of a particular group

How do you deal with bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated in any form at Rishikul. Through residential life discussion, mentoring topics & day to day life, the subject of bullying is taken in all discussions, seminars and other gathering on a regular basis and the children are dissuaded to resort to bullying.

What is the general ambience of the campus regarding the coexistence of boys & girls together?

During an academic day, the environment is much like any other public school. Students interact in classes, clubs & various activities. At the boarding school, supervision is of the utmost importance for the safety of your child. There are separate hostels for boys & girls.