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Secondary School


The Secondary Wing aims at providing various plans and strategies to hone the latent talent of the students by channelling their boundless energy into fruitful pursuits. To strengthen the adolescents, the wing offers specially designed activities like accent neutralisation, singing, dancing, participation in quizzes, sports, symposiums, exhibitions, project making, interactive sessions, workshops, seminars and so on.

Salient Features:

  • 100% board result with maximum distinctions
  • Class rooms fitted with Interactive Smart panels for audio visual sessions pertaining to all subjects
  • Lab activities and resource room interaction
  • Coding and tech fiestas
  • Integrated Coaching with Aakash group for NEET/IIT/JEE along with preparation for school/board exams
  • Model Test Papers based on the syllabus covered in each class including questions from CBSE papers and sample papers
  • Exposure to practical science through science park and lab activities
  • Regular field trips and excursions- one day, two-three nights adventure trips and cultural exchange programmes
  • Multi sports centre- providing proficiency in over 16 sports
  • School counsellor to help students overcome stress, anxiety, personal or academic issues
  • Soft skills development programme and implementation of Rishikul edge
  • NCC- Army, Naval & Air wings

Instilling the Values of Courage, Command and Camaraderie

Linguistic and Stylistic Training for Personality Development

Regular Motivation and Ethical Uplift

Development of Stamina and Endurance

Hardwork and Commitment to Excel

Creative Tinkering