Today education is in a state of flux. Influence of globalization on it is unprecedented, and is for good. It is high time we moved beyond manmade boundaries and explore togetherness and peace. In this pursuit education needs to play a pivotal role by redefining its aims and objectives universally

We ought to make the students across the world understand that they have to learn to live together specially when the world is squeezing and turning to a global village. They are exposed to refreshing challenges. To solve the puzzle of proximity in distances, Rishikul Vidyapeeth is whole heartedly committed to evolve and sustain an ambience that prompts children to exist together and work together regardless of their being different in caste, creed & culture

To stimulate and guide growing sensibility school follows six prompts motto

  • L     LEARNING


  • A     ATTITUDE


  • E     EMPATHY





  • The school enunciates its international policy that helps the impressionable pupils overcome unnatural barriers and work in collaboration so that they eventually turn into mature & responsible citizens. Morally upright and efficient global citizens can contribute generously to the world as it exists today
  • Aims & Objectives
  • To provide a benefitting pulpit to pupils and educators whereon they can appreciate, learn and pay reverence to diverse cultures
  • To infuse the transcendent understanding and respect in young minds for cultures, societies and beliefs
  • To help students understand economic and political structures of different nations across the globe
  • To render deep insights into the different domains of education viz teaching learning maxims, assessment and exploration that finally result in independent thought and expertise in going global
  • To share best practices in terms of education, social behavior and sensitivity towards environment
  • To develop suitable programmes for teachers and students participating wherein they can hone their skills in leadership, receptivity, adaptability, management, debate and so on
  • To plan the exchange programmes for students and teachers
  • To motivate learners and educators in coordination resorting to virtual links
  • To work and find ways and means of Sustainable Development
  • To cultivate mutual understanding and respect for one another
  • To add the international dimensions to the curriculum
  • To provide children with international exposure that is prerequisite for understanding the interconnectivity among different races of humans and bringing them together for a judicious and proportionate share in natural resources
  • To foster unity in diversity through celebrating international days, Food Festivals, Dance, Music, Drama, Excursions, etc.
  • To create a pool of students who could proactively learn world economics and become successful entrepreneurs in the global market
  • To make children appreciate and enjoy linguistic diversities, arts and heritages through going places beyond the dull world of books
  • To sensitize students about significance of world peace and prosperity through mutual understanding with a difference
  • To facilitate deliberations and symposium over global issues participating wherein pupils can grow as leaders
  • To provide pupils first hand experiences of technologies, agricultural practices and geographical conditions in different parts of the world